Rhyme Player for iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store

Rhyme Player on iPod Touch and iPhone Lyric Music GameKonami Digital Entertainment announced today the release of Rhyme Player for the iPhone and iPod touch on the Apple App Store. Brought to you by the music-genre leader, the game provides rhythmic fans to experience some of today's most contemporary songs of artists including Lady Gaga, Lifehouse, The Cover Girls and more.

The objective of Rhyme Player is to tap into the inner rhythm master and touch the song lyrics while trying to keep them synchronized to the beat. Gamers can play through two difficulty levels in order to test their rhythm.

In the easy difficulty mode gamers will have to follow the lyrics from the bottom of the screen and then tap the line in the upper part of the screen, synchronizing them with the beat. In the normal difficulty modes, gamers must tap the lyrics according to the beat and rhythm of the particular audio-track. Rhyme Player also features other different gameplay modes such as Shuffle and Ensemble. These game modes can challenge the player with different lyric patterns.

Rhyme Player is now available on the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod at the price of $1.99. For More information visit www.konami.com/touch/game.html


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