Retro Blocks HD Available on iPad

Retro Blocks HD for iPadRetro Blocks HD has just been released on the Apple App Store and exclusively for the Apple iPad. The game looks like a retro style arcade game with graphics updated specially for the iPad.

Retro Blocks HD offers a very fast-paced game play, in which the player has to use his thumbs to tap on the sides of the screen in order to move his block left and right. While doing so, the player has to avoid all other blocks of the opposing colors, thus collecting only blocks of the same color.

The game can keep you busy and interested, because your block will sometimes randomly change its color, which means that you will have to act quick and use your reflexes to adapt to the dynamic game play of Retro Blocks HD.

Retro Blocks HD is now available on the Apple App Store for iPad at the price of $0.99

Retro Blocks HD has just been released on the App store, exclusively for the iPad and priced at $0.99


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