Rayman is coming to DSiWare

Rayman Coming on the Nintendo DSUbisoft are proud to bring their famous hero RAYMAN in the European, Middle-East and Asian territories. Rayman will be coming to all the gamers on DSiWare on 25th December 2009. The legendary Rayman platform-adventure game will soon be available on the Nintendo DSiWare Service. Players take the perspective of Rayman, who has to save his wacky world from the evil hands of Mr. Dark. Colorful Environments and Funny characters await you to help you through your journey. Punch, Fly, Jump, Hang and more abilities are just waiting to be experienced. The DSi version will feature a map displayed on the DSi touch screen, which will help the players avoid barriers and traps. Unlockable achievements and customizable checkpoints will also be available. Take a photo of yourself with the DSi integrated camera and make it the main picture of your checkpoint saves. Rayman on the Nintendo DS is sure to bring the nostalgia of the '95 retro adventure game back, allowing young and new gamers to discover it. The game will be available for download on the DSiWare for 800 (eight hundred) Nintendo DSi Points.


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