Puzzle Platformer “Toki Tori” To Be Steam-Powered

Toki Tori soon for PC and Steam PoweredDutch game development studio and publisher Two Tribes announced that the Nintendo Wii and iPhone hit Toki Tori will be released for PC on the 29th of January.

After the success of the award winning Puzzle Platformer Toki Tori on the Wii and iPhone/iPod Touch, Two Tribes is very happy to announce that the game will be released publicly for PC through Valve's Steam service.

Creative Director at Two Tribes Collin van Ginkel said that Toki Tori has been adapted to meet the demands of the modern PC gamers. He also stated that the controls, graphics and audio of the game have been upgraded to take advantage of today's PC hardware.

Toki Tori's gameplay is a combination of two genres. It's a puzzle-game at heart, but it looks a lot like a platform game. The objective of the game is simple - A player must pick up each egg in a level using a set number of tools. Players will also have to plan carefully while using tools such as the Telewarp and Freeze-o-Matic. Additional tools are gradually introduced as the player progresses through the game's eighty levels on four different unique game worlds.

Toki Tori features a wide range of items and weapons plus eighty levels spread across four large game worlds. The game also features Catchy music and stunning sound effects for dozens of hours of gameplay, and it is accessible for all ages.

Toki Tori improvements for the steam version are additional levels, steam achievements, Full screen High-Definition Graphics, Shader Effects and 5.1 Surround Soundtrack. The controls are also redesigned for mouse, keyboard and joypad.

Toki Tori Will be available through Valve's Steam service on 29th January for $4.99. Early Purchases will receive a discount of 25%.


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