Photon Will Power The Online Features of The Mummy Online

The Mummy OnlineThe leading provider of multi platform online game engines and services, Exit Games,  announced today that Photon, which is its network engine, is selected by Bigpoint to power the online features of The Mummy Online. The Mummy Online is a MMO based on the film franchise "The Mummy".

The Mummy Online Massively Multiplayer Online Game is developed by a studio led by Jesse Schell, Schell Games, with Unity Technology.

"Bigpoint is quickly becoming one of the leading publishers of licensed games, enjoyed by over 130 million users around the world. For this game, Photon's technology will help us handle tens of thousands of concurrent users on only a small number of servers. This will not only save us lots of money, but it will also help us to ramp up a hit game with a robust network layer in a minimum amount of time, " says Dr.
Jan Wergin, CTO of Bigpoint.

"Before starting the development of 'The Mummy Online', Schell Games thoroughly investigated the market for a professional network middleware. We were impressed with Photon's feature set and Unity support. We did our homework and we're confident that Exit Games'
Photon is absolutely the right choice for this exciting project," says Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games.

"We are extremely proud that Exit Games Photon was chosen for such a fantastic and large scale MMOG production," said Chris Wegmann, CTO, Exit Games. "That is a great example of what Photon is made for. We can hardly wait for the game launch to see Photon's high-performance architecture being proved once more. Schell Games and Bigpoint really
went through a tough due diligence process and at the end Photon was the winner. I think that tells the story."


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