Parkour Game FreeJack Introduces In-Game Item Mall

FreeJack Item MallGame Bridger Entertainment announced the grand opening of their In-Game based Item Mall, for its new parkour racing game entitled, FreeJack. FreeJack is a free-to-play game, and Game Bridger is also giving away extra ten percent GamerKash with each deposit made throughout October 20th.

“The FreeJack Item Mall will open with a wide selection of stylish clothing and decorative items so players can begin personalizing their in-game avatars and living spaces,” said Matthew Denomme, marketing manager at Game Bridger Entertainment, “FreeJack’s contemporary setting and subject matter make it uniquely suited to fun in-game items that are referential of current pop culture styles and trends.”

Players can download and play FreeJack for free from:

FreeJack is a Parkour Racing Game for Windows-Based PCs, which is free to play, and offers features like: customizable characters, head-to-head races across New Jack City, Online Leaderboards, a Clan System, Friend Lists and much more.


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