PaperBoy live on Apple’s App Store

PaperBoy released on the iPhone and iPod TouchElite Systems, the long established developers of portable games based in the United Kingdom are proud to release a trailer of their port of the original 80's classic arcade game PaperBoy. PaperBoy for the iPhone and iPod Touch features a "Classic" version and a re-created 3D version. You decide which one to play! The objective of PaperBoy is to deliver all the newspapers to all your customer's houses on the streets, while avoiding barriers and obstacles on the way. Damaging the property of people who aren't your customers will bring you additional points along your way! Created specifically for Elite®, who are the developers and publishers of Paperboy for more than twenty years. The English Version of Paperboy will be released on the App Store on 18th December 2009 for only 4.99$. A non-English version will go live on the App Store in 2010.


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