Nominated Game for Several AGS Awards 2009 Categories

AGS Awards 2009 Adventure Game Studio Game AwakenerThe game which is nominated for several categories in the AGS Awards 2009 is titled "Awakener" and it is a short and freeware point and click adventure game which was originally developed by Ben Chandler using the Adventure Game Studio.

It is now possible to automatically port "Awakener" to XAGE, and to a whole new host of platforms using XAGE's new conversion tool. The game is also playable as a facebook application at

This is the First Adventure Game Studio video-game that is playable online and is ported to the Xbox360 Console System. It is also the first XNA-Based game to be playable as a facebook application and the first XAGE game to be publically released.

The XNA Adventure Game Engine is a multi platform engine which was originally created by Daniel Alexander. It allows traditional point and click adventure games to be published to Windows-Based PCs, Xbox 360 and Silverlight platforms, and has been in development for nearly two years.

Ben Chandler is the author of freeware adventure games including Annie Android, Shifter's Box and Featherweight. His work has been regularly featured on sites like


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