New ROSE Online World – Draconis

New ROSE Online World entitled - DraconisThe world renowned massively multiplayer online role-playing game publisher, Gravity Interactive, is very pleased to announce the opening of a new world in their ROSE Online MMO, entitled "Draconis". Over 800,000 players can now experience a fresh start in a brand new environment.

"Leonis" is the first world of ROSE Online, where the visitors are aged veterans that can offer a low of wisdom and support to players that just started the game. Draconis however, is a brand new world which offers opportunities to explore new environments and to be the first to find and tackle some of the new ROSE Online Quests and Bosses. Both of the worlds will have the same game play and Experience rates. Players can join whatever world their want, in order to start their adventure quest.

Vice President of Gravity Interactive, Jay Choi, said that the new world has been a long time coming, and that with all the changes to the combat system, PvP system, significant number of new Quest, and an expanded storyline, it’s a whole new game.

ROSE Online is developed with fantasy and anime themes, and engages the players in the story driven quests, where they have to battle monsters and explore a huge variety of environments.

Gravity’s games offer user controlled PVP and Clan combat systems, enhanced item upgrading systems, customizable stats, unique skills, pets, customizable characters and numerous events and community outlets.

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