New Larger Nintendo DSi Console Arrives This Week

The Nintendo DSi XL is coming to Europe this Friday!This week expects the launch of the new and larger Nintendo DSi named the Nintendo DSi XL. Nintendo DSi XL features bigger screens and a wider viewing angle, which allow players to be able to experience their favorite games like never before when the Nintendo DSi XL launches across Europe on 5th March 2010. The Nintendo DSi XL has already been enjoyed by many people in Japan.

The new screens are 93 percent larger than those of the Nintendo DS Lite model. The wider viewing angled screen enables players to share their game play with their friends or family.

The new Nintendo Portable Gaming Device is going to launch in two new colors, which are wine red and dark brown, with a glossy sheen on top and matt finish on the underside that will provide excellent grip when resting on the table or other surface during game play time.

The new Nintendo DSi XL will come with pre-loaded Nintendo DSiWare software like Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: Arts Edition and Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function, as well as the Nintendo DSi Browser. The Nintendo DSi Browser enables players to easily access the internet where ever a wireless Internet Connection is available.

The new Nintendo DSi XL will also come with an additional and larger pen-like stylus. This larger stylus will allow players to have a more comfortable grip and enhanced ease of use while playing games that utilize the touch screen of the Nintendo DS.

After all, you need to take the console in your hands in order to truly understand its difference. This week you can do just that, on 5th March 2010, when the Nintendo DSi XL is available across Europe.

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