New First-Person Shooter Announced By Atomic Games

Atomic Games Announced New TitleThe pioneer in covert action simulations and military action games, Atomic Games, announced today the development of a multiplayer game for consoles and personal computers titled Breach.

The game features so you've managed to decode this section to reveal the classified information. Come on! Did you really think it was going to be that easy? Yes, we do work for military and intelligence organizations. Yes, we are creating a game that will blow your mind. Yes, some of it was actually redacted. Yes, many of us have security clearances. So what that all means is I can't tell you anything more than what is in this release until it's okay. Until then, we are high-speed, low-drag and ready to work. Molon Labe!

More information will be released as it becomes declassified by Atomic.


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