New Downloadable Content for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising on Xbox 360

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Second Downloadable Content Pack-OverwatchThe "OverWatch" package is the Second Installment of Downloadable Content for Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which is now available for the Xbox 360 home entertainment system. The "OverWatch" downloadable content package will also be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 home entertainment system and Windows-Based Computers. The Downloadable Content Pack features two new multiplayer modes and new Fire Team Engagement missions. A Game-Play video showcasing the new "OverWatch" package in action is also available. Soldiers engaging into combat show some of the weaponry, armor and choppers, while battling in the new game modes. The "OverWatch" Downloadable Content Package extends the game's experience in cooperative mode, solo mode and adversarial play. The new Multiplayer Modes “Blindside” and “Supremacy” offer new experiences and objectives such as “the PLA completing the objectives for the shortest time they can while the USMC defend”. In the new "Supremacy" Multiplayer Mode, Task opposing forces must take places behind gun emplacements and air strikes. That and many more exciting features await you in this new Downloadable Content Package for Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The "OverWatch" Second Downloadable Content Package is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft points, and will soon be available on the PSN (PlayStation Network) for only 4.99$. PC version will follow up afterwards free to download.


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