New Character Screenshots from House M.D.

House M.D. upcoming video-game second batch of screenshots.Legacy Interactive, a leading game developer and publisher company released today their second package of screenshots from their upcoming title, House M.D., coming in Spring 2010 for Windows-Based Personal Computers and the Nintendo DS Portable Gaming Device. The new screens feature the popular actors from the HOUSE M.D. series including Dr. House. You can see quotes and screenshots from the actual game below. Screenshots of one hundred and more medically themed puzzle-games are coming in the next couple of weeks. Quotes: "What's that sound I hear? It sounds like two doctors who lost a game of poker, and now they have to pay up. And they’re being sore losers." Says House to Kutner and Taub as they walk to a patient's room Fourteen year old patient's response to Dr.House for meeting him for the first time: "It's okay mom. Dr. House is emotionally distancing himself from the patient through gallows humor. It's unorthodox, but not unprecedented." "Good work Thirteen. Aside from Taub, you're the closest thing to a scared teenager girl we've got. Which means the human sieve might warm up to you. Get a blood sample from her to test for DIC." says Dr.House to Thirteen, while they go over possible diagnoses. "Congratulations, Foreman. You're as clever as a teenage girl." says Thirteen to Foreman when he unlocks a girl's diary. "Wow, look at all these antidepressants! This family even puts House to shame." says Foreman, while searching a medicine cabinet in a patient's home. "Ah, but aren't all woman a mystery? Cuddy's just a mystery with a really great taste in push-up bras." says Dr.House to Wilson, while discussing Cuddy. "When I'm a crazy middle-aged woman, are you going to chase me then?" says Thirteen to Foreman, while discussing a patient's wife. "Awwwwww, STOP! I'm getting all sentimental and I'm going to stab myself in the eye with this syringe just to make you shut up!" says Dr.House to a patient's goal of being a role model. "Your boss on the other hand... you know... we had someone like him in our unit in Korea. We'd always joke about turning him over to the enemy. We even said that they deserved him. But I don't know if anyone deserves your boss." says a Patient to Taub about Dr.House


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