Need for Speed World Release Date and Price

Need for Speed World Online Release Date and PriceElectronic Arts announced that their new massively multiplayer online action racing game, Need for Speed World, will be released for Windows-Based PCs on the 20th of July, 2010. The game will allow Need for Speed fans to connect socially and experience an all-new online racing game with an amazing power-up system and deep Role-Playing game style progression and awarding.

Need for Speed World will be available as a free downloadable client at on the 20th of July. The free client will offer Need for Speed fans a taste of the action with access to all races, pursuits and career progression up to the tenth level.

Players who want to continue experiencing the ultimate online Need for Speed can purchase the Need for Speed World Starter Pack for only 14.99 GBP with a full access to level fifty. Players who purchase the pack will also get a bundle assortment of power-ups including Nitrous and Traffic Magnet, and an exclusive limited edition racing vehicle. Owner of the package will also be able to purchase power-ups and double XP periods, and even rental cars.

Those of you who pre-order the new online racing game, Need for Speed World, will be able to access the game one-week before the others do, on the 13th of July. They will additionally get an increased XP gain for the duration of the heads tart event, and also guaranteed access to all the upcoming Need for Speed World beta events. Players will also be able to reserve driver names in advance and have a VIP status permanently displayed in their driver profile when the game goes live.

Pre-orders are now available at the

Need for Speed World is developed by the Electronic Arts Studio, Black Box. It will be available on the 20th of July, 2010. For more information visit


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