Multi-Platform Puzzler IQ Knights for iPhone

IQ Knights Multi Platform Puzzler for iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Java-Phones and More.Leading German publisher for Mobile Game HandyGames announced today a new multi-platform puzzle game IQ Knights, which is a unique combination between a chess and a dice game. IQ Knights features more than fifty challenging levels and provides many hours of puzzle entertainment.

Get ready to face challenging tasks when you enter each area of the provided castle. Use logic while you try to salve all puzzle challenges with your ancestor's dice, in order to convince the nobles that you have what it takes to be their new king. Master all the mysteries that you will encounter, while you dice your way through the battlefields of the castle. Discover new ways and secret mechanism that will help you open up new paths and face your enemies that want to confront you with their own dice. Gain respect of the nobles by carefully planning your next moves with the dices you captured. Use your knowledge of logic and tactics to solve the puzzle challenges of the castle courtyard, tiltyard, garden and more. Enter the final throne room and compete for the king's crown itself.

IQ Knights for iPhone and iPod Touch features Dice chess with tricky puzzles and fifty six tactical challenges in seven areas of the provided castle. The game also features various types of enemies as obstacles on the board, an easy to understand tutorial, and an Online High-Score table for heralding your fame. IQ Knights also contains Trigger tiles for the hidden mechanisms you have to discover.

IQ Knights is already released and available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The release for Android, Blackberry and Java-Enabled Phones will follow soon.


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