Mirror’s Edge coming to the App Store

Mirrors Edge for iPod and iPhoneThe award winning first person action adventure game - Mirror's edge is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices. Mirror's edge takes place in a town where every single package of information is monitored and where the law is heavily enforced on the citizens. Some people choose to loose their freedom, but to live in confort, but other choose to live on the edge. In Mirror's Edge you take the perspective of Faith, who is a member of an underground organization called the 'Runners'. The 'Runners' are acrobatic messengers who are the last people to deliver free communication in this city. A horrible threat has emmerced from within, and Faith is the only one who can stop it. Mirror's Edge for the iPhone and iPod touch will feature the the same world, where every peace of information is heavily monitored. You take control of Faith, who is member of a group known as the 'Runners'. Use her incredible acrobatic skills to outrace your enemies - run on the walls, slide down ramps and leap between gaps. Make your enemy eat your dust. Immerse yourself in the graphically rich 3d world and enjoy realistic sound effects and sound tracks. Published by Electronic Arts Inc, the game will arrive in January 2010.


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