Microbot Arcade-Style Shooter Unveiled

Microbot Announced by EAElectronic Arts is very happy to announce their new MicroBot Arcade Shooter, which will deliver unique gameplay experience to players, while taking them inside the human body. This new arcade-style Shooter will be available in the winter, next year, on the Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 Console and PlayStation Network for the Sony PlayStation 3 Console. The objective of the game is to destroy the biotechnological infestation in the human body, by controlling the microscopic ship entitled MicroBot. "MicroHexon Research has invented a transformative medical technology: autonomous nanotech machines that are no larger than a blood cell. When injected into the body they target and eliminate diseases at the cellular level. However, something has gone dangerously awry. The nanomachines have bonded to the diseased cells and are now multiplying inside the body at an exponential rate. Piloting a new prototype MicroBot, players must seek and destroy the infection before it consumes the human host from the inside." Players will be faced with malicious enemies as they travel throughout the human body's veins, bones, brains and more. The fluids and rhythms of the human body will affect the player's actions, providing combat advantages and more. “We wanted to take gamers to a place they have rarely visited before — the world inside the human body. The fluid dynamics of the world and the customization of the MicroBot come together to create a unique take on the arcade shooter genre”, said Jason Haber of Electronic Arts. “MicroBot is an energetic and addictive game that is perfect for anyone that plays games on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.” The game is developed by Naked Sky Entertainment and is expected to launch in Winter 2011. For more information visit ea.com/MicroBot.


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