MDK2 Announced For WiiWare and Windows-Based PCs

MDK2 For Nintendo Wii and PCInterplay Entertainment and Beamdog finally announced a sequel to MDK. MDK2 is going to be released on the Nintendo Wii and MDK2 HD on Windows-Based PCs.

CEO of Interplay, Herve Caen, said that it is a great pleasure to announce that they are returning to the adventures of Kurt Hectic, Dr. Hawkins and the six legged gun-toting robotic dog Max. Co-Founder of Beamdog stated that MDK2 was a great title to work on and that they are happy to have some of the original team working on these new versions.

MDK2 for the Nintendo Wii is expected to be released this Winter. It is also planned for electronic distribution through the Nintendo WiiWare service.

MDK2 HD on Windows-Based PCs will follow the release of the Nintendo WiiWare, through the Beamdog Digital Distribution Platform.


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