MapleStory-Themed Online Card Game

MapleStory Based Online Card Game iTCG Online By NexonNexon America announced that they are opening up the beta phase for their online card game iTGC Online on 20th January (today). Initial playing time is set from 10 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time.

iTGC Online is based on the popular massive multiplayer online game MapleStory from Nexon, and it is also their first browser-based web-game that does not require download to play.

Players will be able to choose one of the four MapleStory classes that are currently available as their main character, including Magician, Bowman, Warrior and Thief.

iTGC Online will offer players several abilities in the game, including attackable monsters and other players. Players can also perform non-attack actions such as refreshing their HP and adding items to their character while taking on side quests.

iTGC Online players will also be able to customize their starter deck that comes for free. They can purchase booster packs using the game points they gained while playing the game. The game will also feature a trade lobby, where users can trade their cards in real time, or make a trade post that specifies what type of cards they are looking for.

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