Majesty 2 Pocket Kingdom for Nintendo DSiWare

Majesty 2: Pocket Kingdom AnnouncedParadox Interactive is very proud to announce that Majesty 2: Pocket Kingdom is going to be released in the autumn of 2010 for the Nintendo DsiWare.

The game is developed by KranX Productions, and is a real-time strategy based on the PC Version of the Majesty 2. It features an all-new unique single-player campaign set in the mythical realm of Ardania. The objective of the players is to take the perspective of the ruler of a solitary town, and defeat the creatures that are attacking from a nearby forest. The player has to increase his influence over the environment until he becomes the rules of the entire kingdom.

Majesty 2: Pocket Kingdom features include: 12 mission campaign, the ability to cast magic spells using the Nintendo DS Stylus, and more.


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