Magic Ludo for iPhone

Magic Ludo for iPhone and iPod Touch is the Classic ludo board gameThe independent developer GameFront has just released their free to download "adoption" of the classic and popular board game titled Magic Ludo. The game features additional board, levels and more extra content through regular updates.

Magic Ludo contains thirteen levels and three distinct Ludo Versions - The Classic Version, The Chinese Version and the African Version. The classic version is similar to the European incarnation of the board game. The Chinese Version features stacking and flying, unlike the classic European Version. The African version features Stacking, Stack Blocking and Movement Penalty. Magic Ludo features a challenge mode in which the solo player can participate in missions such as Time Trial, Serial Killer and more. The Game also features a casual and a tutorial mode for those who are new to the Ludo World. One to four players can challenge each other in the supported casual mode on unlocked boards and missions.

The Classic Board Game "Ludo" is a game in which the players race from start to finish according to their dice rolls. The Classic Ludo board is normally in a square shape, which is marked with a cross. Each arm of this cross is divided into three other columns, with the overall columns divided into usually six squares. The finishing square is the center of the cross which is often divided into four colored triangles. Each of these triangles is combined with a colored middle column which appears as an arrow pointing to the finish. The player's home column is the shaft of each arrow and is five squares long. There is one square from the edge of the board that is a starting square on the left side of each home column, also colored. During the game-play, a piece moves from its starting square clockwise around the perimeter of the game-board up to the player's home column to the finishing square. In the space to the left of each arm is a circle or square to hold a player's pieces before they are allowed into play.


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