Lords Online Facebook Application On 19th March

Lords Online Facebook Application On 19th MarchLords Online reached one million registered users two months after the opening of the 9th server. The game is expected to attract many more players, because IGG has announced a new initiative with Facebook. The Lords Online Team has announced that every player who has a Facebook account can log into Lords Online without registering a separate account for the game.

An application will be plugged into the Facebook interface on 19th March to allow players to log directly into Lords Online. Players only need a single Facebook account to be able to start playing the game. Newcomers can choose to either register an IGG account or a Facebook account to join in the fantastic game that combines classic Role-Playing Game style of play with SLG elements.

The development team has watched as their modest projections for strategy game fan growth were shattered, since its debut on 16th of January. Since then, the Facebook page of Lords Online has added more than two-thousand fans. Even with the growth of the game server counts, in-game bugs have been fixed and systems have become more stable. Players have grown more comfortable in their kingdoms too, so the leading team is expecting even more growth.

The Facebook Application is going to offer players an easy access to the game, which means it may open the floodgates for new members, but Lords Online is ready for the increased load.

The Lords Online team is dedicated to giving players a stunning gaming experience with the highest quality and best service on the web.

For more information visit lo.igg.com.


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