“Let’s Draw!” For Nintendo DS announced

Let's Draw! For Nintendo DS to be released this SpringMajesco Entertainment Company announced today Let's Draw! for the Nintendo DS portable gaming device. The game is based on the series of Japanese drawing books. Let's Draw! challenges players to create full drawings by combining small and easy to draw shapes into larger ones.

Let's Draw! features full voice instructions on how to draw, thus making art accessible for all children, even those who can't read. The game offers step-by-step guidance on the creating of over one hundred different images, which can be animated with sound afterwards.

Let's Draw! also offers the players to use their own creativity to create and animate their own designs from the beginning to the end. The customized images become the start of the fun mini-games including Whack-a-Mole and Car Racing.

Let's Draw is developed by Agatsuma Entertainment and licensed by Barnstorm Games. The game is going to be released for the Nintendo DS portable gaming device this Spring.


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