Landers for iPhone is now available for purchase

Landers for iPhone and iPod Touch releasedDevalley Entertainment and Bulkypix are very happy to release Landers for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Lander is available for only 2.39€ at the appstore:

The player takes the perspective of a sexy Anti-G pilot named Lea. Your objective is to climb on all walls and eliminate all the Landers while using her tank. The Landers are dangerous with their ability to spray fire at you, but you can shoot them with their projectiles to send them back and eliminate the whole row of Landers. The Landers also have the ability to counter you too.

Players have the ability to develop their own unique style of gameplay by using the three handling modes. In the classic modes, players will quickly find their marks. In Rotation mode, players will be able to rotate their phone for even more exciting experience.

Unlock the great tanks that are available to polish your strategy throughout the twenty-six never ending zones.

Landers features include intense and tactical shoot 'em up, 360 degree game-play, six spaceships, four different shields and twenty-six combat zones. The game also offers players classic handling or just handling by the rotation of the phone. More features include seven levels of difficulty and the ability to counter-strike the projectiles of your enemies.


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