Kung Fu Funk coming to Nintendo Wii

Kung Fu Funk coming to the Nintendo WiiThe young growing studio Stickmen Studios which is focused on casual games for next-generation consoles and PC has announced today that its next title is going to be for the Nintendo Wii home console. The game is called Kung Fu Funk and it is going to take players back to the time in which martial arts had style. Players will be able to enter a world of big hair and flared pants in this comedy style Kung Fu game.

CEO of Stickmen Studios Wil McLellan explained that Kung Fu Funk is going to be great for parties and anyone who enjoys comedy action, and of course comedy Kung Fu movies. He also stated that the Wii Remote is the perfect interface for players to experience the fun of being a Kung Fu fighter with the funk.

Players must use the unique Wii motion sensor controls in order to master the first 70's ancient moves. Players are also prepared for the culmination of Kung Fu Funk by a training montage of mini-games, after which they have to complete the final test in the disco dojo showdown.

Kung Fu Funk features include 70s styled funky Kung Fu mini-games, Up to four player Party mode with Comedy Kung Fu Moves and the original 70s hit song "Kung Fu Fighting"

Pricing and release time for Kung Fu Funk will be announced in the future weeks.


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