Killzone 3 Announced for Sony PlayStation 3

Killzone 3 Announced for PlayStation 3Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed the return of its critically-acclaimed first-person shooter entitled "Killzone 3" exclusively to the Sony PlayStation 3 video game console. Killzone 3 will be an explosive cinematic experience even more stunning and intense than ever before.

The game will feature more vehicles, explosive high powered weapons and an amazing close-combat system. Fight against the remorseless Helghast Army of colossal proportions once again.

The storyline in Killzone 3 starts where Killzone 2 left off - with the vicious Helghast dictator, Visari, lying dead on the feet of the Special Forces soldiers named Sev and Rico.

The war is far from over with Visari's death leaving behind a world of political scheming and outright murder.  A nuclear bomb was detonated meanwhile in the Helghan Capital, Phyruss, and has decimated the ISA invasion force. You must now fight against the ruthless Helghast War Machine alone, with no reinforcements and the quickly running out supplies.

The levels in Killzone 3 will be ten times bigger than in Killzone 2. You will face a brutal combat in a variety of environments that threaten to bury you on this deadly planet.

Killzone 3 will also be fully playable in Stereoscopic 3D, thus immersing you more deeply into the explosive world and putting you at the center of the action.

The Helghast in Killzone 3 are back - bigger and fiercer than ever. Prepare for Battle!

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