Killing Floor Receives Free Incendiary Content Package

Killing Floor Incendiary PackagePremier Video Game Publisher and Developer, Tripwire Interactive, is very pleased to announce the release of its fourth free content package for its hit cooperative survival horror first-person shooter for Windows-Based PCs, Killing Floor, along with a brand new Downloadable Character Content Package.

The Free "Incendiary" Content Package boosts the Firebug Perk with a brand new weapon, which is the MAC-10. The MAC-10 features a punch with a high-rate of fire and also .45 caliber rounds. Players with the Firebug perk will also be able to shoot incendiary ammo that will burn all enemies.

Four brand new maps are also included in the free content package, which are the best maps from the Grindhouse Map Making Competition.

The maps have been polished by TripWire and released officially. The Four New Maps are named: Hospital Horrors, Biohazard, Mountain Pass and Suburbia.

A new money system will also take place with the Incendiary Content Pack, which means that money will now be rewarded based on the percentage of dealt damage.

A couple of bugs and map exploit fixes will also take place after the Package is released, while the Commando, Sharpshooter and Demolition perks will receive balance changes.

The free Incendiary Content Pack gives a big boost to the Firebug perk in the form of a brand new weapon – the MAC-10. This submachine gun not only packs a punch with a high rate of fire and .45 caliber rounds, but for the

The Content Pack is free to all those who already own Killing Floor and will automatically download when starting the game.


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