Killing Floor now available in Australia

Killing Floor in AustraliaTripwire Interactive announced today that Killing Floor is now available for purchase in Australia. The recommended price for the retail version is 29.95 Aussie dollars for the same version that is available on Steam and in stores across NA and EU. Killing Floor is a Cooperative Survival Horror First-Person Shooter video game for the PC that takes place in the left out and uninhabited cities of England, after several unsuccessful cloning experiments for the military. Players take the perspective of military and police units dropped into the devastated cities to clean their areas of the creatures that were created during the experiments. The main mission of all this is to SURVIVE. Killing Floor features Cooperative game mode up to six players; Perk Leveling System, which allow players to upgrade their character's skills and abilities; 60 Steam Achievements; Fourteen Characters to choose from and much more. The game also includes its own Software Development Kit, which allows the creative player and mapper to design new levels, environments and modifications.


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