Karos Online Launches With New Zone and Updated Features

Karos OnlineThe free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game from NHN Corporation titled Karos Online, launches commercially this Friday, on 9th April. The new game client is available at karosgame.com, featuring a brand new item shop, additional server and many new features. The game will offer both new and more experienced players a greater depth of game play than before.

Karos Online will feature a new enhanced game play for guilds with a new guild leveling systems. Guilds that reach level three will be eligible to purchase a powerful guild skill scroll that will provide some combat buffs to all the members in the particular guild, but for a limited amount of time. The Mine Takeover Player-versus-Player has been improved with unlimited mining rights and extra income for victorious guilds.

Karos Online will also feature a new high-level zone to discover at launch, which is scenic Seron Island in southern Asmara. The environment has a lot more in store for intrepid adventurers than just great views. The location is filled with goblins, undead and a whole host of previously undiscovered creatures and monsters, including the raging Hellbiests and fearsome Magma Giants.

The game will be available on 9th April, Friday, at karosgame.com.


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