Just Cause 2 Black Market “Boom” Pack is Now Available

Just Cause 2: Black Market "Boom" PackageThe explosive Black Market "Boom" Package is available to download as of today. The package contains three game-changing prototype weapons for agents who want taste destruction.

This package is the perfect tool for players who are craving for combat and destruction. The package contains three experimental and highly volatile prototype weapons.

Just Cause 2 Black Market "Boom" Pack features the Quad Rocket Launcher, which is a half rocket launcher, half shotgun; The Cluster Bomb Launcher, which is the natural successor of the grenade launcher; and the Air Propulsion Gun, which is a highly experimental jet-powered blast weapon powerful enough to send vehicles and soldiers in the sky.

The Black Market "Boom" Package for Just Cause 2 is now available to download from the Sony PlayStation Store, Valve's Steam Gaming Platform and the Microsoft Xbox LIVE Marketplace for only $1.99.


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