Joymax Prepares to Wipe out any dirty mouths in Silkroad Online

Joymax Launches Clean Campaign event for Silkroad in order to clean up any dirty act in the gameIndependent interactive entertainment developer and publisher for the global market, Joymax, announced today the launch of the third „Clean Campaign" event for the historical fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, during which players will be encouraged to unite against any verbal abuse, used in-game. The event will run until 6th of April. Until then, players have to come up with ideas that Joymax can use to encourage good manners in the Silkroad Online community.

A large team of talented people has worked hard to make Silkroad Online the most pleasant world it can possibly be, and they only ask for some behavior from their players. Don't forget that the player's behavior in-game reflects on the character of his community and country.

Five players who posted their suggestions on the event message board will have the chance to win valuable in-game prizes. Join the fight and submit your creative ideas to clean up any dirty mouths in the Silkroad Online Community.

For more information about the "Clean Campaign", visit the official website at


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