Jenkins Software Announces Free Data Mining Tool for Game Developers

Free Application Echo Chamber Released For Game Development.Jenkins Software has released today a new free data mining and visualization utility designed for game development titled Echo Chamber.

The Developer of RakNet, Jenkins Software, released today a free data mining tool used to visualize game session metrics. The name of the software is Echo Chamber.

The Supported usage includes Video playback with frame rate and memory usage reports as the session progresses and Heat map of the player and opponent activity overlaid on the level map plus combined multiplayer session recording.

Developers record game metrics during play to a remote SQLite backed database server using RakNet or other programming libraries. While processing occurs on the server, performance impact on the game itself is minimized.

The data can be queried with SQL statements and displayed using table, line graph, histogram, symbol chart, pie chart, heat map, and 3D scatter plot formats during analysis. The playback supports static views, animation and single step by frame counting.

This new software, Echo Chamber, is free to download and use or modify, with the source code released under the GPL License.

The Source Code and other information is available at


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