January 2010 Update to Unreal Development Kit Beta

Unreal Development Kit Beta January 2010 Update and Improvements.Epic Games INC. released today the January 2010 Update to the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) Beta. UDK Beta is a free edition of the Unreal Engine 3 that offers uncompromised access to the award-winning engine and development toolset.

Epic Games INC. are committed to provide the Unreal Development Kit Community with regular software updates for free. Independent Game Developers can find the latest beta version and download it for free at www.udk.com/download

A list of the new enhancements and additions included with this UDK Beta is available HERE.

The January 2010 UDK Beta Improvements include Decal Improvements; Lit Translucent Decal support which allows better blending of the decal edges into the environment; Shadowmap support for decals which works for both static and dynamic shadow maps and allows decals to receive shadows from dominant directional lights as well as toggleable lights, plus it works when a decal is attached to a texture and vertex lightmapped.

The January UDK Beta also contains improvements which include Animtrails: Animation driven trail emitters; Allows actors to easily create particle trails following animations; Ongoing UTGame de-nativization which allows moving the UTGame specific C++ functionality that didn't need to be in C++ back into UnrealScript making it easier for the UDK Developers to see how Epic Games INC. have implemented this functionality, and also has resulted in new engine functionality being exposed to the script. Examples of that are the new SVehicle physics interface functions and making it possible to tick skeletal controllers and UTUIScenes in the script. The update also features fixed lightmass generating directional lighting being flipped in the texture’s V direction.


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