James Bond 007: Blood Stone in Development

James Bond 007: Blood Stone in DevelopmentActivision Publishing announced that James Bond 007: Blood Stone is being developed by Bizzare Creations. It is expected to be an original Bond experience from the legendary screenwriter Bruce Feirstein. Award Winning artist Joss Stone will create original music for the game.

“James Bond 007: Blood Stone captures the cinematic intensity of a Bond film by immersing players in an intriguing conspiracy that will require them to think and act like James Bond,” said David Pokress, Head of Marketing for Licensed Properties, Activision Publishing. “In addition, the game will feature a diverse array of multi-player modes and debut strategic objective-based game play that will allow Xbox 360, PS3TM and PC players to battle as teams of spies and mercenaries through authentic Bond locales.”

Voice actors Daniel Craig, Joss Stone and Judi Dench will provide their voice acting talent for the James Bond 007: Blood Stone game, which will feature an original story written by Bruce Feirstein. Players will experience cover-based firefights, lethal melee combat and much more.

The James Bond 007: Blood Stone video game is developed by Activision's studio, Bizzare Creations, for the Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows-Based PCs. An addition Nintendo DS game is developed by n-Space.


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