Jagex Games releases War of Legends Web-Based Strategy

War of Legends Online Free Browser Based Web RTSOne of the largest independent game developers in the United Kingdom, Jagex Games Studio, announced today the release of their first third-party game War of Legends. Jagex Game Studio has developed over forty free-to-play games, and today, War of Legends is going to join their collection. The game will be available for play from today. Players can register for free at their site.

War of Legends is a Real-Time Strategy Game which is based on the Chinese Myth Law. Players pledge their support to the incumbent and unscrupulous King while living out of the ancient legend. The objectives of the game include ruling empires, managing resources and commanding vast armies in order to conquer enemies, while attempting to defend your wealthy cities against experienced armies in a bid to earn ultimate supremacy.

War of Legends offers a continuously evolving story-line. The game will be regularly updated with new enhancements, tasks and in-game items to increase the replay value. It features a persistent game world that continues to work even when the players are offline, allowing their armies to gain power and additional resources that can be used when the particular player returns online.

Players can form alliances as they build their empire, in order to collaborate on the legendary quest for eternal glory.

War of Legends will have a liking to gamers who are interested in RTS games, Tactical Games and Management Games. With Jagex's assistance, they are guaranteed to have an engaging and stunning gaming experience that is accessible to all.

War of Legends is the First Third-Party title published by Jagex Games Studio, and also their first Flash game. The game is accessible and playable through any internet browser.

CEO at Jagex Mark Gerhard said that when they have started to develop games in 2001, they were forced to self-publish as none of the "traditional publishers" seemed to be interested in or even understood online game publishing. He also stated that nearly a decade and a great deal of success later, they want to leverage their experience and reach to help other talented young developers bring their games to life.

Mark Gerhard also said that they were approached by the War of Legends development team last year, played it and loved it, and that they believe their players would probably feel the same way, so it is only natural to add it to their growing catalogue of games while they are actively recruiting to help scale up their publishing division throughout 2010. Mark is very confident that War of Legends will be the first of many great third-party games to be published by Jagex.


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