iZ3D Drivers Included in All New Zalman 3D Monitors on the Market

Zalman 3D iZ3D MonitorsThe designer, developer and pioneer in advanced stereoscopic 3D visualizations systems and software, iZ3D, announced that a new relationship between Zalman and them has taken place today, the goal of which is to provide the best 3D gaming visualizations to Zalman Display users with the world recognized iZ3D Drivers.

The iZ3D Drivers are now included in all the new Zalman 3D Monitors that are sold on the market today.

“The iZ3D Drivers have been widely accepted as the standard for 3D gaming. We have a large community of 3D gamers that utilize our drivers on previous versions of Zalman monitors, so this partnership will help give new gamers a great first impression on the new Zalman 3D solutions, ” stated Tom Striegler, CEO for iZ3D, Inc.

The Zalman 3D format has been implemented into the iZ3D Driver v. 1.10 Final.

This version of the driver is included in all new Zalman 3D monitor sales.


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