Ion Assault Coming to Steam

Ion Assault on SteambitComposer Games announced today that it will be bringing its popular arcade space shooter, Ion Assault, which is based on particle gameplay, to Valve's Steam Platform for PC.

Ion Assault is only available for Microsoft's Xbox 360 video gaming console at the moment. The game combines classic arcade shooter elements with familiar game concepts like Asteroids, resulting in an innovative and fun arcade.

Ion Assault will be available on Valve's Steam Platform in November 2010, for Windows-Based PCs.

Game Description: The sparks sure do fly in Ion Assault! The player finds himself in his spaceship surrounded by millions of nano particles; you’d better harness this swirling dust and use it to fend off swarms of enemies and obstacles. The player must use some smart particle suction and shooting to quickly blast adversaries out of the way. The player’s journey takes him through four different sectors each with 6 levels and a mighty boss waiting at the end of each sector. The “dynamic level intensity” in Ion Assault makes it easily accessible for beginners, while setting new challenges for hardcore gamers. The graphics and sound enhance the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere and make Ion Assault a must-have for fans of exhilarating arcade action!


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