Intense Martial Arts Online Game Launched in Thailand

Twelve Sky 2 launces in Thailand!Leading Online Gaming Developer and Publisher of the Twelve Sky series, Alt1, announced that its Martial Arts Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game titled Twelve Sky 2 is launching its commercial services in Thailand.

Twelve Sky 2 is a remarkable online game which won the Best Game in Korea from the Korean Game Awards in 2008. Twelve Sky 2 reached 80,000 "Concurrent Users" milestones.

The game offers a unique and addictive faction versus faction based gameplay system filled with huge battles and action.

Twelve Sky 2 entered global markets in locations outside of Korea, like Taiwan, China, Japan, Europe, North America, Vietnam, Turkey, The Philippines, and Malaysia.

Thailand is the tenth country that the game was introduced in. Twelve Sky 2 under Asia Soft's operation has gained its momentum by adding six more servers and accommodating eleven thousand CCUs since its Open-Beta Test in 15th January.

Twelve Sky 2 has recently reached 350,000 registered users and 15,000 CCUs.

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