Intense High-Speed Rocket Racing In Playstation Minis

Halfbrick released Rocket Racing PSP MiniHalfbrick announced the release of their fourth Sony PlayStation Mini titled Rocket Racing. Rocket Racing challenges the player's reflexes and daring across twenty four levels in three different game modes including Grand Prix, Challenge and Quick Race.

Players can take on the sky-high racing tracks with speed and precision and drive like a true prodigy by mastering all the advanced drifting and wall-boosting techniques to beat their opponents and achieve record times. Rocket Racing offers the players intense action from the green light to the finish line.

Rocket Racing's race tracks take are placed above the clouds of futuristic cities. The Challenge Mode features six tiers of racing and skill-based challenges. These skill-based challenges often feature the grinding technique which is very important if the player wants to achieve elite racing success. Players can also use the rocket power to boost their speed as well as score points for smoother grinds. That is achieved by adjusting the orientation of the racer against the walls.

The Grand Prix mode places the players against opponents in a series of races spread in four difficulty levels. Players who complete the GP Mode can collect gold trophies and take steps towards unlocking and winning every event in the game for an exclusive "100% Completion" Award.

The last mode is the Party Mode, where four players take turns breaking each other's records in a hot seat. Party Mode features customization on how to win, By Fastest Time, Highest Total, or Single Grind Score.

Rocket Racing is available worldwide playable on the PS3 and on the PlayStation Portable for only $4.99.


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