What Information Can Hackers Retrieve From Your Phone?

There is a lot of talk out there these days about keeping your phone protected from thieves, but is all of that fear and paranoia justified? After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Well, when cell phones first came out, the only danger was getting your number stolen or having someone listen in on your phone calls. Unless you’re a celebrity or a government official, that shouldn’t be a big problem. However, nowadays you can store all kinds of sensitive data on your smartphone which makes them a prime target. Today we’ll go over what hackers can steal from your phone and how to protect yourself from an attack.

App Data

Do you have a mobile banking app? What about an app that stores your credit cards? Android Pay? Google Wallet? If you use any kind of financial software on your phone, then it can be accessed by hackers. If they come across your password or login information, they can do a lot of damage. Even simply knowing things about you could put you at risk, since many of these apps allow you to use security questions to open your account.

Another way that hackers can steal information is if you have passwords or auto-complete data stored on your phone. Although this may be more convenient for you, you need to remember it’s also more convenient for them. Turning it off can help keep you safe while surfing online.

Malware and Viruses

Just like your computer, hackers can access your phone by using malicious software that can burrow in and steal data. If you don’t already have an Android virus scan on your device, you are putting yourself at risk. The best free antivirus for Android is AVG, and it’s free to download.

Contact Information

Even if your phone is secured, thieves can gain access to your contact list and find names and numbers of potentially hundreds of other people. Then, using phishing scams via email or text, they can get access to their phones. In short, your lack of security could put everyone you know at risk.

Fortunately, having an antivirus app and protecting your data with passwords and biometrics can be more than enough to keep hackers at bay. In the end, be cautious and don’t be careless with your phone.


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