Iceberg Interacitve announced that Still Life 2 has been Shipped

Still Life 2 Shipped with a new packshot!Iceberg Interactive, a premier videogame publisher, announced today that the highly anticipated murder-mystery adventure game for Windows-Based System, Still Life 2, has been shipped. The game will soon be available at all general retail stores in the United Kingdom and Benelux.

CEO of Iceberg Interactive Erik Schreuder stated that a long wait is over with the Still Life 2 release, and that mysteries from part one will finally be revealed. He also stated that a new mystery awaits players in Still Life 2 as well. Still Life 2 still integrates the feature that allows players to manage two characters that are bound by the same fate. Depending on whether you are playing the victim being taken by the "East Coast Killer" named Paloma Hernandez, or the FBI agent named Victoria McPherson that is tracking him down, you can alternate between investigation and survival.

Still Life 2 features include a movie-like rhythm plus a superb realization in a full 3D environment; the end of the first title, Still Life, finally revealed; and much more.

If you want more information about Still Life 2, visit the website


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