Hysteria Project Coming on PSP Minis and PS3

Hysteria Project on PSP Minis and PS3Sanuk Games and Bulkypix are very pleased to announce that the award-winning horror game titled Hysteria Project will be released on Sony's Minis Platform for Sony PlayStation Portable and Sony PlayStation 3 soon.

In Hysteria Project, the players take the perspective of the main character and also take a part in an unforgettable adventure in which he makes the right decisions.

Hysteria Project is a stunning gaming experience where the player is the hero of an entirely filmed adventure. The player's duty is to keep an eye on what's going on around him and make the right choices at the right time.

Hysteria Project on the iPhone released by Bulkypix has won the "Revelation 2009" Milthon awards in Paris. The game was also praised in the Apple AppStore by fans of new experiences and thrill-seekers.

Levi Buchanan of ign.com wrote: “HYSTERIA PROJECT reminded me of those old FMV games I used to play on my SEGA CD as a guilty pleasure - but this one only cost me two bucks for the same level of enjoyment”.

The PSP Minis version of the game will be released by Sanuk Games on 8th of April in Europe at the price of 1.48 Euros, and in America at a later date and at the price of 1.99 dollars.


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