Huge Lords Online Add-Ons Released

Lords Online Biggest Update EverThe IGG Team has released a brand new add-on for the Closed-Beta version of Lords Online, which has been open for almost a week, and it's getting nice reviews. The Add-On improves the bonus effects and spells and includes the unique troop formation attack plus many more enhancements. This is going to be the biggest update to the game since its alpha test.

Alliance Technology is very important in order to effectively transport resources into the military power. Players have to choose which alliance to join in Lords Online, after which the alliance leader levels up technologies for the other alliance members, while each member receives some bonus. Members are still responsible for giving away some resources which are required for technology upgrades. Functions are included in the alliance technologies, which can increase the production of resources, transport troops, business transportation, speed of army training and many others. Time is always important, especially on the battlefield, where players can take advantage of the time saved by the resource production and army training to make pre-emptive strikes on their foes, which greatly increases their chance of victory.

Troop Formation Attack is a new function included in Lords Online Closed-Beta Version. The Lords Online battlefield is divided into grids since it is a turn-based SLG game. Each military unit takes up one grid, and in each round, the player is required to take action, while the opposing side will retaliate afterwards. In this particular turn, every opposing side must follow the reaction of their enemies and then counter-attack upon that action. It is almost like a chess game, in which the players must think ahead.

Players can freely send their troops in specified formations in order to gain powerful attacks. If a player places one-thousand of his Infantry units in a single grid, two-hundred units will be killed. If the player splits 999 of his units into one grid, and one more unit into another grid, the single unit can help absorb the attack and reduce the enemy's strike. This feature will offer better tactical and strategy elements into the game.

The Bonus effect for the hero's skills is a great enhancement. Players can now see their hero’s skills and descriptions which can help them put better strategies into play.

Lords Online also features a controllable high-quality animation effect, which is noticeable in the Closed-Beta version, where the spell display has been improved in order to make the game more impressive.

Lords Online is a browser-based web game with the combination of RPG and SLG elements. The game's unique element is the possibility to take command of your own battles and fights down to the tiniest detail, which brings a whole new level of realism never before seen in RPG web-games. Players will have the chance to learn how to work their way up from a low castle owner, all the way up to becoming a mighty lord. The game can be fully controlled with a mouse, so it is very easy to get started into the game.


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