Howling Sword Open-Beta Test in Korea

Howling Sword Open Beta in KoreaESTsoft announced the launch of the Open-Beta Test in Korea for its highly-anticipated Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game titled Howling Sword.

Howling Sword features a unique character centered quest, in which the Scenario of the quest follows one of the four main characters which are Alfonso, Chris, Merlin and Ruinell.

Howling Sword is heavily centered on battle action equipped with a Combo Skill and Transformation System.

The Easy-to-Use Combo Skill allows low level players only to push specific keys other than executing complex combinations in a certain order.

Howling Sword offers a non-targeting combat system, which means that players are able to sweep off multiple monsters.

The system enables the newbie player to fully enjoy the game with a simple Combo Skill.


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