Horse Racing Manager 2 in December 20095

Horse Racing Manager 2 in December 2009Pqube LTD announced that Horse Racing Manager 2 is on its way to its PC release. It is the sequal to the successful horse racing manager from Cyanide Studios, which offers you the best experience of horse racing and management. Horse Racing is the second most famous sport in Britain after football according to the new study published by the Sports Business Group at Deloitte. Generated revenues of three point four billion pounds with total attendaces of five point seven million in the last year placed Horse Racing second after the football. Most of the people that go to Horse Races are under 34 years old. In Britain Horse Racing also has the biggest TV broadcasting time of any other sport. Horse Racing Manager 2 offers the PC games to go right into this vast world of sports. It is a complete sports management game in which the player has to invest carefully to win with his stable, build his facilities on a land chosen by him, recruit lads and jockeys, buy and breed his horses. Discover the British and international race courses!
Horse Racing Manager 2 in December 2009

Horse Racing Manager 2 - Demo Screenshot

The player can choose from three different race types - Flat, National Hunt and Harnessed Trot and decide which are the best training routines for his horses workout and which is the best strategy for glory. 6000 horses are available in the database, each with its own attributes. Horse Racing Manager 2 is created for horse racing fans and casual race goers and enthusiasts, as well as sport management adorers and tycoon gamers. There are three seperate modes for each adorer - Jockey mode for horse racing fans, which allows you to create your own custom character and dive in the 3D races to win as many as possible. Punter mode for betting fans, which gives you the possibility to improve your bank account amount by betting on races. Owner mode for management fans, which guarantees a complete range of emotions while the player fully manages his finances day after day while buying and selling.
Horse Racing Manager 2

Horse Racing Manager 2 - Demo Screenshot

Horse Racing Manager 2 can be played in either solo mode or multiplayer mode over LAN and the internet. In betting mode all players are punters at each race. The most exciting new feature is the new multiplayer Owner mode, which creates a permanent on-line world with the possibility of interaction between players not just on the racetrack, but also while buying and selling horses. Horse Racing Manager 2 is rated 12 PEGI and will be available in December 2009 on DVD for PC for 19.99£ Requierments: Video: GeForce2 RAM Memory: 256MB Processor: 800MHz Free Space: 1.2 GB Operating Systems: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista


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