Heroes of Newerth Launching Worldwide on The 12th of May

Heroes of Newerth Release DateHeroes of Newerth is actually the standalone version of the cult Defense of the Ancients (DotA) mod for Blizzard's Warcraft 3. The game seeks to make a great impact on the online multiplayer gaming market when it launches on the 12th of May, Wednesday.

Heroes of Newerth is expected to be one of the best titles in the competitive market, because of its loyal community and over two million beta subscribers. The game will include features like integrated voice chat, full clan support, over fifty unique characters and a quick reconnect feature amongst all the improvements and upgrades. Heroes of Newerth will provide the complete package that will satisfy all DotA players, and anyone that is looking for an amazing multiplayer experience.

CEO and Founder of S2 Games, Marc DeForest, stated that it has been an amazing three years so far, and that they have had such a good ride through the Beta period. He also explained that now they are looking forwards to getting the retail version out to as many people as possible, and that the team has put a lot into making this game one of the best multiplayer experience it can be. Marc DeForest also said that they are looking forwards to new and old fans alike playing and enjoying Heroes of Newerth.

Heroes of Newerth will be available for purchase on the Windows, MAC and Linux platforms for only $30.00. For more information visit www.hearoesofnewerth.com.


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