Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition – Presentation

Hellion mystery of the inquisitionFlying Fish Works are presenting their upcoming first person shooter at Game Connection in Lyon from 8th of December to 10th of December. The visitors will have the opportunity to be involved in the terrifying medieval world. Hellion: Mystery of Inquistion is being developed for the Xbox360, Sony Playstation 3 and PC, and will be available in Q3 2010. When the players take their hands on the playable demo, they will be able to escort Godric Of Glastonbury (the hero), on a journey to a Cistercian abbey in the medieval England. Deeper in the game, the action turns into a dramatic battle and it will present a fascinating plot. The Producer at Flying Fish Works Maciej Kowalski, stated that they will present an extraordinary hero skill for the first time called the exorcism. The exorcism is a upgradeable unique storytelling instrument. The players will use this "tool" continuously for attacking, defending and supporting. It is not like a simple magic skill, in fact it is a talent blessed in the hero, and is very powerful. Hellion: Mystery of the inquisition is an extraordinary first person shooter, which is set in the 13th century, in which the plaer will battle heretics, demons and unintetionally will become a part of a religious intrigue. The player will go through different medieval cultures and environments full of real-life characters.


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