Heavy Rain powered by Omegame Menus Master

Heavy Rain is going to be powered by Omegame's Menus MasterOmegame announced today that the Heavy Rain user interface was entirely created with Menus Master

Co-CEO of Quantic Dream and Executive Producer of Heavy Rain, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, explained that they wanted to immerse audiences emotionally in the storyline and make them care for the characters and what the character's actions. He also stated that the user interface is very important in order to do that, and that they benchmarked different technologies available on the market, and finally selected Menus Master as it was the only solution providing both great artistic possibilities and easy integration within their in-house engine and tools.

Menus Master helps the developers to dramatically reduce the development time it takes for an author to create user interfaces like 2D and 3D front-ends, in-game UIs and heads-up displays (HUDs). The game user interface can be fully modified by artists without involving any programmers.

Sales and Marketing Director for Omegame, Sebastien Kohn, said that Heavy Rain is unanimously considered a masterpiece of gaming by the press worldwide, because for the very first time in video game history, it succeeds in immersing the player into an intense emotional thriller. He also stated that this seamless experience was made possible only thanks to a smart and innovative user interface. Sebastien Kohn explained that they are glad and proud that Quantic Dream Managed to reach its goal thanks to Menus Master.

One of the game's characters, FBI profiler Norman Jayden for example, uses an experimental device which allows him to analyze evidence from investigated crime scenes by displaying information through an in-game 3D augmented reality user interface.

Sebastien Kohn said that the astonishing work done by Quantic Dream perfectly illustrates that Menus Master covers the full spectrum of the user interface needs, from the simple 2D UIs, to the Next-Gen 3D UIs.

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