Grand Theft Auto IV on LIVE Marketplace Games on Demand service

GTA IV on Games for Windows LIVEGrand Theft Auto IV is now available through the Games for Windows LIVE Marketplace - Games on Demand Service.

The game is now available for direct download to any Windows PC at the price of $29.99, for any players that have not yet experienced the journey of Niko Bellic through the Liberty City underworld.

The Windows PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is developed by Rockstar Toronto in conjuction with the franchise creator Rockstar North. It includes a wealth of exclusive features like the thirty-two player multiplayer matches, an easy-to-use video editor and capture tool for in-game footage, high resolution graphics, and the Indepedence FM radio station allowing players to add their own songs for a truly personalized and unique experience while driving.

To Download Grand Theft Auto IV for Windows PC, simply download the Games for Windows - LIVE client from


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