Golman Football Fun on the iPhone

Golman for iPhoneIn Golman for iPhone, players can challenge their real life friends to a penalty shootout. The game is very simple to play, so everyone shouldn't have a hard time adapting to it.

In the game, you start by creating your own custom goalie, also known as "Your Golman". Customize your character with your own kits, facial hair, and maybe even an eye patch, and challenge your friends who own an iPhone to a penalty shootout in three rounds.

You can even send "Taunt" messages that appear even when the game is closed, to make sure that your friends will receive your challenge and take it immediately.

Golman also offers the ability to add your own private message to any challenge or choose a prepared one. You can even check out your own personal league table of friends and compare statistics with each one of them individually.

For more information visit golmanclub.com.

Published by Yasoma and created by Ian Masters, The game is developed by Eipix with the audio by Xtruist and now available on the App Store.


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